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The Scandinavian market is often considered a good test market. Population, and consequently marketing costs, are relatively limited. Scandinavia is also ranked as one of the more technically advanced markets. There is both the will and the curiosity to adopt new technology. If your company has plans to expand into markets both in Scandinavia and beyond, then the Scandinavian markets provide an appropriate entry point into the rest of Europe.

We assist you with preliminary marketing research and establishing your company. This involves several different kinds of activities, such as forming a company, acquiring office space, recruiting personnel, searching for distributors, etc. We can even temporarily manage your business.

Enter Scandinavia works either independently or in a network with other consultants. The company is small, and it is precisely our size that makes it possible for you to establish close contact with us as contractors. We are also completely dependent on your satisfaction as our client.

Our markets

The primary focus of Enter Scandinavia is the Swedish market. The conditions in Sweden are often analogous to the conditions in the other Scandinavian countries (Denmark and Norway), which is why we work in these countries as well. Even the conditions in Finland are similar to those in Sweden. The only complication is that a smaller and smaller percentage of the population in Finland understands Swedish. On the other hand, it is becoming much easier to communicate in English in Finland. To complete the picture we should also mention that we have no experience in the Icelandic market.

Some quick figures

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